John Curtis Wins Utah 3rd Congressional District GOP Primary

In the Republican primary special election for the Utah 3rd Congressional District that was held today, John Curtis, the Mayor of Provo, Utah, currently has 40.5% of the vote with 91% of the vote in as of 1:06 A.M. CT. The New York Times has called the race and declared Curtis the winner and he will move onto the general election to face Democratic candidate Kathie Allen. Christopher Herrod, real estate developer and former State Representative is currently 2nd in the primary with 31.1% of the vote. Tanner Ainge, son of Boston Celtics executive Danny Ainge, is currently 3rd with 28.3% of the vote. As the final results come in, I will update them into this post.

This seat was vacated when Jason Chaffetz resigned from the seat on June 30, 2017. Soon after, many Republican candidates (11, to be exact) hopped into the primary race to replace him in the House. However, only two candidates (Curtis and Ainge) gathered enough signatures to be on the ballot. Herrod was able to get on the ballot as well, as he was nominated as a 3rd candidate at the Utah Republican Convention.

While the perception was Curtis ran as the establishment candidate, Herrod and Ainge both ran as non-establishment candidates.

Curtis was endorsed by Governor of Utah Gary Herbert, five Utah legislators, and twenty-three mayors from all around Utah.

Herrod was endorsed by conservative U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, to go along with conservative groups such as FreedomWorks, Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund. Glenn Beck hinted support for Herrod but did not quite offer an endorsement.

Ainge was endorsed by five Utah legislators and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The general election will be held on November 7, 2017, where Curtis is widely expected to win.



Photo via Sammy Jo Hester, Daily Herald

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